Asana Healing Crystals & Jewelry offers new arrivals in engagement and wedding rings

Asana Healing Crystals & Jewelry offers new arrivals in engagement and wedding rings

Ethically sourced natural gemstones by Asana

Asana Healing Crystals & Jewelry is pleased to announce that they have added a brand new range of engagement and wedding rings. Many people may not be ready for the idea of ​​using it just yet Gemstone Rings about diamond rings. Whoever said diamonds are a woman’s best friend could be absolutely right. But the same diamond cannot be in every jewelry box. It’s a fact that diamond jewelry is expensive, but Asana Crystal Shop wants to highlight why it’s important to make the much-needed switch from diamonds to gemstones and crystals. Most diamond deals are unethical and can harm the planet, not to mention forced labor by local communities. Anyone who claims otherwise is wrong, because there are hardly any companies that can afford ethically mined diamonds.

Asana Crystal Shop – Engagement & Wedding Rings

Today, buying a diamond ring is considered prestigious. While a man can prove he loves his woman more by getting a diamond ring, a woman is allowed to flaunt her so-called shiny ring. It’s more about wealth, affordability and class and less about love. The other thing about these gemstones is that in order to be perfect they have to meet the 3Cs criteria ie cut, clarity and carat. They are useless if they do not meet these technical requirements. Asana rightly sums it up by saying that diamond symbolizes excellence with no tolerance for imperfections.

So why chase something that needs to be perfected before giving it to the perfect person in life? Why not choose something beautiful in all its imperfections! That’s the beauty of gemstones. They are pure, beautiful and stunning in their most natural form – perfect Diamond ring alternative. They do not have to meet any parameters and do not symbolize wealth. What they bring to the table is far more appealing than what an expensive stone can offer. Gems and crystals represent natural beauty and everyone should celebrate that. Nowadays, more and more couples are showing interest in celebrating their love with gemstone engagement and wedding rings. Asana is here to offer the finest rings that represent importance, not class.

“We started our crystal ring collection as everyday fashion rings, but were surprised by how many couples wanted them as engagement or wedding rings,” says Kate Zeyn, co-founder of Asana. A Rosenquart representing love stands out as the best engagement ring. Representing intuition and inner power, a labradorite ring protects the wearer from negativity and harshness. amethyst ring representing dreams and visualization is also known to absorb faithfulness, chastity, patience, calm and healing. Each gem has a meaning and wearing it by date of birth is sure to spiritually enrich one’s life. They may be a lot cheaper than diamonds, but the true value they hold cannot be compared. Asana Crystals, which began as a general crystal and gemstone shop, is now an exclusive shop offering crystal rings and jewelry for special occasions, engagements and weddings.

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Asana Healing Crystals and Jewelry Shop is the #1 online crystal store for engagement and wedding rings, jewelry and other crystal products made from ethically mined and sourced natural gemstones. This US brand owned and operated by women aims to provide products that help individuals achieve spiritual fulfillment.



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