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Diversified blog posts on developing good habits, managing finances and other matters, and more

Babblin Brooke, a wellness blogger, is excited to announce the launch of a new website featuring different types of blog posts about how to form good habits, stick to them, and make the most of life. YOLO or “You Only Live Once” is a popular saying that has become an anthem for many youngsters. It is a true statement as each creature that enters these cosmic worlds is only allowed to live once. And that’s why every individual should value their life and make the best of it. A few decades ago, life was pretty simple. Even without mobile phones and technology, people lived happy lives. Not many people today can say they are happy or have a contented life. is a place where people are inspired to develop themselves better. Despite what they’re going through, people still want to improve. It is the most human thing. Unfortunately, these thoughts only surface on a New Year’s Day, with most of them failing to stick to their new goals for the rest of the year. Whether it’s their finances or health, fitness or personal goals, the only thing missing is commitment. And it has nothing to do with incompetence. Man is capable of achieving the impossible. This page is just a reminder of that fact.

It all depends on how a person goes about their daily life. Sticking to good and healthy habits is always a challenge for most people. While there are some who do it religiously like getting up early and exercising, sticking to a good diet, managing their finances, making time for their family and so on. Why is it difficult for some people to stick to good habits? The author has the feeling that everything happens in the head. When a person performs the same task for at least 21 days, the brain begins to accept the new habit and makes it a normal routine.

The same trick can be applied to any task in ordinary life. Whether it’s quitting smoking or controlling urges to shop online, chances are the mind is becoming anxious or restless. Some might even be motivated to do so. Babblin Brooke suggests that it’s better to find a healthy alternative than to eliminate the habit from your repertoire. The author also lists different areas where good habits can be inculcated: work, passions and hobbies, personal life with family and friends, nutrition, wellness and lifestyle, ecology, self-help and community.

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Babblin Brooke is a wellness and travel industry professional and a person who believes in the power of emotional well-being. This page was started to share his work and thinking with others. The site offers blog posts on a variety of topics and is not just limited to wellness.



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