Better Baseball Player has launched a new line of baseballs that promise to improve hitting and catching

Better Baseball Player has launched a new line of baseballs that promise to improve hitting and catching

The newly introduced baseballs provide technical vision training for players. Better Baseball Player claims that every patented baseball is scientifically engineered.

Better Baseball Player calls the new balls “Vision Pearls”. The patented balls are available in different colors, namely blue, black, yellow, green, purple and orange. According to the company, the colors are transferred to the cover by heat, with each sphere being a single, solid color. Better Baseball Player claims the new range of balls improve batting and fielding abilities.

vision beads

vision beads are designed to remain undetected by the batsman or fielder until the ball gets too close to them either in the hitting zone or their glove. The balls appear as a monochromatic blur to both the fielder and the batter. As racquets and fielders become accustomed to spotting the color blur, it means they have developed enhanced eye and head-tracking abilities, which are critical to improved game performance.

The patented design primarily involves a series of dots and lines near the seams that resemble the cross-section of a human eyeball. However, the pattern plays a key role in making the ball look like a patch of color that isn’t recognized until it’s near the batter’s hitting zone or near the fielder’s glove. The dots also make tee shots more effective and help racquets keep their eyes and racquet barrel on the inside of the ball coming at them.

The biggest advantage for players who train with Vision Pearls balls is the excellent eyesight, mainly because they have to constantly move their head and eyes to follow the ball in the hitting zone.

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Readers can learn more about Better Baseball Player’s new Vision Balls by visiting the company’s official website:

Speaking about how the new Vision Pearls baseballs are designed, a representative from the brands said so “…the balls are made to traditional baseball standards to ensure the best quality. These are playing quality baseballs with a hard cork core, double padded rubber and tightly wound yarn, further covered with synthetic polyurethane split leather. The balls weigh between 5 and 5.25 ounces and measure between 9 and 9.25 inches in diameter.

About better baseball players

The company was formed to solve one of the most fundamental problems of traditional baseball training, namely the lack of practical baseball training aids that would help improve tracking and vision skills, especially for batsmen. The need was identified by one of the coaching teams during an under-12 season. Since then, the company’s goal has been to develop baseball training balls that help improve the skills of players from minor to major leagues.


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