British Taste America Ltd. announces the launch of BYODS

British Taste America Ltd.  announces the launch of BYODS

Bring Your Own Device Shopping, a safe and easy contactless shopping experience with faster checkout for store visitors

Taste America Ltd., a leader in American branded snack foods, food and beverages, is pleased to announce the launch of BYODS – Bring your own device to shop. With the ongoing pandemic, many people prefer to shop online to escape the in-store crowd. While customer safety is paramount, Taste America Ltd. emphasizes that stores like this and other brick-and-mortar stores survive solely on inbound customers. Most people may have forgotten how important these little shops are and how they contribute to the community. It’s a real Taste America attempt to help customers feel comfortable when visiting the store. The store also takes this opportunity to thank all its customers who have visited despite the pandemic.

BYODS – Bring Your Own Device Shopping is a great initiative that other small shops like Taste America could follow. Most customers are still afraid to step into a store, browse through the products, touch the card readers, tills and touchpads. The ongoing pandemic has definitely made people more sensitive to crowd shopping and staying in high-traffic public spaces. So what do customers get from BYODS?

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Any customer can visit the store at any time during opening hours. While they can always make their purchases themselves on one of our touch screens, BYODS allows them to shop online while they are in store. You can use the lounge area, which is located both inside and outside the store. Customers can browse with their own device, add their favorite products to their shopping cart and complete the checkout. One of the employees quickly picks up the order and takes it to the customer, who is either seated in the store or outside the store. For customers who prefer to sit in the vehicle, the shopping bag can also be loaded into the vehicle at the curb.

Through BYODS, Taste America aims to create a safe shopping zone and encourage shoppers to visit these stores and complete their purchase without even entering the store. It’s similar to the drive-through fast food pickup. This system is perfect for shoppers who don’t want to enter the store or browse the aisle with other shoppers nearby or wait in line at the checkout.

Customers who prefer to do their shopping in-store using the touchscreen are more than welcome at best US grocery store In the United Kingdom. The shop is undergoing a thorough sanitation with all Covid-19 safety protocols in place. Visit the store today to stock up on fresh supplies like American coffee, BBQ sauces, cereal, iced tea, cookies, jelly, condiments, condiments, peanut butter, toppings and syrups and much more.

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About Taste America Ltd

Taste America Ltd, based in Tonbridge, Kent, was incorporated in April 2010. It is now a leading supplier of imported products american food, snacks and drinks. The family-run shop offers genuine merchandise, sourced direct from the United States, Mexico, and Canada.



Taste America Ltd.

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Taste America Ltd

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