Chicago Sports Therapy Experts, In Motion, suggests returning to exercise should be done slowly

Chicago Sports Therapy Experts, In Motion, suggests returning to exercise should be done slowly

InMotion, one of Chicago’s leading physical therapy clinics, suggests that people returning to the gym and daily exercise routine start slowly to avoid injury.

As COVID-19 restrictions are lifted in the US, gyms are reopening and with that, more and more people are looking to get back into their daily exercise routine. However, the performance physiotherapy experts at In Motion warn people against trying to exercise the way they used to. Many people have left the gym for at least 11 months; That’s a long time, and training like this could lead to injury because the body isn’t used to the heavy load. In addition, it can also lead to burnout and chronic fatigue.

One of the things people returning to the gym should do is take the time to stretch and warm up. Let’s face it, the majority of people have probably gained a few pounds and without the strenuous exercise they’ve been used to during the long lockdowns, there’s a loss in endurance and muscle mass.

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While many people can regain much of what they’ve lost in muscle mass and endurance, depending on their age, it can take up to six months. During this time, people who exercise should stay motivated, take it slow, and make sure stretching is part of the routine along with a healthy diet.

Even people who start running again have to keep working prevent running injuries. Most people reading this have been sedentary for a good 11 months. Because of this, running is something most people don’t do unless they have a treadmill at home. People returning to running should start with a brisk walk for the first few days, then progress to a jog and finally run.

Anyone experiencing strange pain or a muscle strain should see a board-certified physical therapist. Most problems resolve on their own within a few days, especially when it comes to muscle pain. However, other issues should not be taken lightly.

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“Sore muscles are completely normal. Many people returning to the weight room after an extended break can expect to experience muscle soreness for up to three weeks and maybe longer, depending on how they train. In addition, many people suffer from fatigue. It’s not uncommon to need more sleep when you return to exercise because the body is working to repair itself. Therefore, if your body is too sore from exercise and you need more sleep, you’d better sleep off the fatigue for a few more hours to recover. Recovering from a workout is also key to avoiding injury.” Said one of the board certified physical therapists who work for In Motion.

she added “It’s important that those who return to the gym, and particularly the weight room, start warming up their bodies. Add some initial cardio to break a sweat before lifting weights. Speaking of weight, you should start light.”

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