David Jonathan Benouaich shares insights into Innexo’s contributions to the healthcare industry

Investing in biotech startups with specific research and development of innovative drugs and therapies using stem cells and exosomes

David Jonathan Benouaich, the founder of Innexo, recently shared some key insights into Innexo’s contributions to the medical and healthcare industry. During the interview, Mr. Benouaich also shared the company’s investment plan for 2022. Innexo.io invests in start-up biotech companies involved in the research and development of innovative medicines and therapies, particularly using stem cells and exosomes. Covid-19 would have stopped many startup plans and definitely led many new and old companies to economic decline. Though the reasons are pretty obvious, Innexo has exploited the same pandemic to benefit several other biotech companies. Many of these startups have been going through rapid research and development since the pandemic began.

While some are working to find new drugs, others are involved in finding drugs and treatments through stem cell therapy. As a result, the demand for medical equipment, laboratory testing supplies and other logistics will increase sharply. And Mr. Benouaich believes that growing economies like India and some other Southeast Asian countries offer better prospects to nurture startups in this niche. And this is the perfect time to invest in these biotech companies that are working on stem cells and exosomes; believed to be strong enough to fight Covid-19. These drugs, treatments, and therapies focus on healing, reducing inflammation, generating new cells to fight immunity suppressors, and so on.

Innexo has already invested in Israeli biotech counterparts. They are currently working with several startups on their new projects and the results are nothing short of exemplary. They are also in the process of obtaining approvals from regulators and health ministries for further research. The Company believes these investment projects are expected to double in terms of revenue due to growing demand for emerging biotech companies that are delivering promising solutions to combat Covid-19. Previously, David Jonathan Benouaich experimented with other niches and global markets.

The strategy was to invest in agrotech industries in developing countries, which was a great success. Funding for infratech projects in emerging markets has also proven to be beneficial to society in terms of creating employment opportunities for local people. The next five years will be about healthcare and the medical industry, especially in developing countries. And this is exactly the strategy Innexo is currently pursuing. Mr. Benouaich and several other industry experts believe that stem cells and exosomes will contribute to and reshape the entire pandemic situation. Funding biotech startups brings new hope in the form of new drugs and medical therapies. Innexo hopes to welcome 2022 with the same positivity and innovative medicines.

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About Innexo

Innexo founded by David Jonathan Benouaich is a company that offers financial support to companies focused on research and development of disruptive technologies in the medical and healthcare industries, working exclusively on stem cells and exosomes.



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