Elderly care planning – The elephant in the room

Elderly care planning – The elephant in the room

Aged care consultant Luke Daniels, CEO of Lucas Advisors in Charleston, SC, has pointed to a worrying trend that overwhelmingly baby boomers are failing to plan ahead with elder care for their later years.

Lucas Advisors recently announced that the company is providing Planning of care for the elderly. The Elderly Care Planning Service will detail how best to ensure that individuals are cared for throughout their lives. The company said many people don’t plan their old age the way they should, and that often means they don’t get the quality care they need. Oftentimes, children and grandchildren are responsible for planning elder care, and without experience, they may not do the best job. This is where senior counseling can make a big difference.

Luke’s advisor

The elephant in the room is often left to the children and grandchildren when they can no longer fend for themselves. This opens the door to requirements such as guardianship and, in some cases, even probate.

The situation is reaching a critical point, and let’s face it, no one wants to accept the fact that they are getting older and will one day need care.

In these cases guardianship is often involved and power of attorney comes into play when elder care is planned and steps are taken to ensure that the elderly are cared for in a much more organized and humane manner.

As a result of the failed planning, the company has announced that it will also offer senior care planning in addition to senior care advice. The lead advisor said the additional service will help many people plan for their years to come.

In America, the number of seniors in need of care has grown exponentially, especially as the baby boomer generation begins moving into nursing homes. In fact, many believe that with a growing aging population, almost everyone should invest to ensure they have planned for their golden years.

People often panic when trying to make important decisions quickly to address a sick parent’s health crisis, hoping they are making the right decisions that could have long-term consequences. This type of critical decision-making is often left to the last minute, putting parents and children in the difficult process of making life-changing decisions during a stressful emergency.

Critical decision-making can then be introduced before a person is unable to take care of themselves.

Lucas Advisors helps seniors and their families plan for old age. The company helps to find the right solutions for home and senior care facilities. Lucas Advisors experts also take care of animal care workers as part of the elder care advisory service. A professional aging counselor for seniors also ensures families have the information they need to make the right decisions for their aging parents or grandparents.

Lucas Advisors Age Care Planning

To learn more about Lucas Advisors’ senior care planning and how it can benefit families, visit the company’s official website at https://lucasadvisor.com.

The initial telephone consultation is not brief and goes into great detail on how best to handle a specific situation involving a senior. Counseling is open to couples or individuals who wish to plan ahead for their older years.

“The reason our senior counseling is so important, and why the initial consultation is free, is because we are here to help. We see many seniors confused, and many have children trying to find the best care for their parents but not knowing where to start. Our free advice puts people on the right path, no matter who they are. That’s why we think it’s so important, especially as a first step to getting one

type of elderly care”. Said a Lucas Advisors executive when asked why the advice was free.

He added, “Many people are not sure what we can do for them and are therefore often reluctant to pay for the consultation. However, the initial consultation is free, so they can find out what they can do for themselves, their parents or grandparents. Arranging an appointment for a free consultation is also quick and uncomplicated.”

That free consultation can be booked directly through the Lucas Advisors website or by calling the company to make an appointment.

Lucas Advisors Senior Care Consultant

About Lucas Advisors

Luke’s advisor is a senior care consultancy led by Luke Daniels as Senior Care Consultant. The company aims to help people through the often delicate and complex process of planning for their old age. The passionate team guides people and prepares them to lead independent and comfortable lives. The company has been taking care of people since 2004 with Luke at the helm of the company. Luke is also involved in elder care and is part of the community.


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