Ever Accountable is the first accountability app to receive ISO certifications for privacy and security

Leading accountability app Ever Accountable earns two ISO certifications for privacy and information security. “Our customers take responsibility; how could we do less?”

Ever Accountable is the only known accountability app to have received ISO certifications in the areas of information security (ISO 27001) and data protection (ISO 27701). These ISO standards consist of policies and processes that Ever Accountable uses to protect customer data. This includes things like regular risk reviews, thorough documentation and audits conducted internally and by external auditors. Through ISO certifications, Ever Accountable ensures best practices to keep customer data private and secure.

“People need the best possible tools in the fight against porn, and they need to know they can trust them completely. At Ever Accountable, we care deeply about people having everything they need to be successful. We know accountability works. We want people to have peace of mind that their data is safe and only shared with their designated accountability partners.” said Tyler Patterson, President of Ever Accountable.

He added, “Getting the ISO certification was a lot of work. These certificates are our way of not only saying, but demonstrating that we take the security of our customers’ data seriously. Our customers take responsibility; how could we do less?”

Ever Accountable applications are built using cloud infrastructure that conforms to the latest and most rigorous standards. Ever Accountable is regularly audited to ensure compliance with legal standards. These standards are not limited to just ISO 207001 and ISO 27701, but also include the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), the Privacy Shield Framework, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as well as many other cybersecurity and privacy laws, international regulations and jurisdictions .

Readers can learn more about Ever Accountable and its privacy and security policy at everaccountable.com/privacy-and-security.

About always responsible

Always responsible is an accountability app that helps people protect themselves from the harmful effects of online pornography. Founder, Tyler Patterson, realized that there were no good ways to protect yourself from online pornography. So he created an app that held him accountable to his wife. Launched in 2012, it is one of the leading apps used by people who want to empower themselves to avoid online pornography, build trust with their loved ones, and live an open and honest life.



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