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Website relaunch with tons of new content from the gaming world is pleased to announce that they have received a grant from Santander’s University Growth Grant. The program provides grants to reward and grow young startups. Therefore, GameRVW will experience a relaunch on July 26, 2021 with lots of new content from the gaming world. This page is constantly updated with the latest Game News, reviews, publications, gaming updates and much more. The latest article is about lake which was presented at the LudoNarraCon. The convention celebrates the very best in narrative video games. The convention kindly invited GameRVW and chose Lake as the best game.

The next article is from Final Fantasy 7 and the review of its remake. This game was already at the top of the charts in 1997 and the news about its remake made the rounds in game magazines, internet forums, exhibition halls, etc. The long-awaited game is now available on PlayStation Store and thousands of players have already been repeating it again and again. The author has nothing but praise for how awesome the remake is.

GameRVW Writers’ Game of the Year Awards were also presented earlier this year. The organizers have asked some of the brightest and best to submit a personal vote for the most coveted Game of the Year title. You have been presented with various options covering different genres and platforms. Crusader Kings II, The Outer Wilds, Final Fantasy VII Remake, The Last of Us II and Blazing Sails topped the 2020 charts.

Some of the main authors here are James Lynch, Peter Sallale, Eli Gonzalez, Alyx Salfiti and Ben Gibson. These authors bring together the best news from the gaming industry. Recent news includes Todd Howard believing that focusing on fewer platforms will streamline development. This allows the developers to focus on making the game better, especially for players using these platforms. In an interview with Gamespot, SVP Pete Hines also shared a similar view that development was leaner with the newer platform.

As is evident, GameRVW does a lot more than just game reviews. The team here stays up to date with continuous research from trusted sources. James Lynch, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief, works alongside his team of writers, writers and gaming experts to make this website a one-stop hub for gaming lovers. In addition to news and reviews of online role-playing games, you will also find posts about board games and other hobbies here. The site also brings TV and movie news, top anime to watch, movie reviews and more.

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