Homes Makeover celebrates over 16 years and hundreds of successful home renovation projects

Homes Makeover celebrates over 16 years and hundreds of successful home renovation projects

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Homes Makeover, the custom home builders in GTA, are pleased to announce to their customers, patrons, well-wishers and partners that they are celebrating 16+ years and hundreds of years home renovation projects. They offer complete interior and exterior home and property renovations. They have now been in the industry for more than a decade and a half and have extensive experience renovating, renewing and expanding older homes in Toronto’s core neighborhoods. Over the years they have also become experts in the challenges involved in renovating old and sensitive buildings. The same buildings are transformed into functional, aesthetic and comfortable living spaces called houses.

Homes Makeover Ltd.

What does it make custom house builder The best of the class is their attention to detail and their ability to translate the same into reality. The designers spend a lot of time understanding the specific needs and requirements of their customers so that they can design their homes as they dreamed or imagined. From modern to contemporary, studio style to industrial lofts, classic to vintage themes, Homes Makeover designers are equipped to work with all manner of themes. Spirited to playful, sophisticated to minimalist, or a mix of both worlds, they can work with any design requirement and all that entails. These luxury home renovation experts offer their clients the most complete range of options.

As part of a total or partial home renovation, the company offers bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, master suite renovations, apartment additions, floor plan changes, and basement and attic remodeling. From reconfiguring the entire kitchen layout, replacing the countertops and fixtures in kitchens, incorporating spacious walk-in closets to upgrading the bathrooms in the master suites, creating additional home offices to changing the entire layout of the home these remodeling experts of houses can transform the rooms into houses with character.

The whole process is seamless and starts with a design project where a design is created according to the client’s requirements. The second step is to discuss the budget, make changes to the design based on the impact on the overall budget, and get client approval. The third step is to start building and renovating the house according to the agreement. The last phase is handing over the fully designed house to the customers. The customer is always part of the process as the custom home builders believe that every man should build his own house. The company stays ahead of the competition by constantly monitoring the latest innovations in the construction market. They also update their technology from time to time to provide better services. Their stunning design solutions are offered by an in-house team of talented and experienced designers.

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About Home’s Makeover

Founded in 2005, Homes Makeover is a custom home builder, home renovation expert and luxury home designer based in Ontario, Canada. They offer comprehensive services including complete home renovation, bathroom, kitchen and basement renovation and various other remodeling projects.



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