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Zofia, GM at Ca’mea and blogger speaks and shares interesting topics related to travel and tourism

Zofia, a hospitality professional, avid traveler and a travel blogger is pleased to share the launch of a new website with Zofia’s Travels in partnership with Hotel Ca’mea. Zofia has visited over 75 countries around the world and explored every single country and city in Europe. As a Polish citizen, she has direct access to Europe. Most of the nearby towns were covered by their road trips, while others were covered by short-haul flights. Zofia loves to visit new places, learn about the culture and explore the scenic spots, historical sites and activities. With this travel blog website she wants to help other tourists and travelers to get the most out of their European trips.

The blogs are included in several categories: Europe, USA, Living Abroad, Exercise, Money and Solo Travel. Solo travel brings its own experiences. Nowadays, more and more people prefer to travel alone, including many women. This category contains useful tips for female solo travelers and how to face the challenges. Whether for a business meeting or vacation, whether traveling alone or staying alone, women need to plan and prepare their trip. This post is about how to turn an otherwise intimidating, frustrating, and embarrassing experience into an incredible opportunity.

Explore Europe through Zofia’s eyes as she helps tourists discover the most inspiring places on earth for themselves. In this blog, she lists the top destinations including the Galapagos Islands, tea plantations in southern India, Italy’s Lake Como, the Himalayas, Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, and Kruger National Park in South Africa. If travel teaches anyone anything, it’s self-discovery. It’s not just about exploring new destinations, but also about gaining knowledge and finding ways to survive in a whole new place and with new people. It’s a wonder to see people making friends, laughing and eating together despite the differences in geography, language and culture.

The author also gives tips for a safe holiday in Europe. Tourists from all over the world find Europe to be the best destination for vacation, honeymoon, adventure activities and family trips. The country offers culture, scenery, history, food and exuberance all on one plate. Zofia suggests that travelers should be prepared by following safety measures and being aware of the area. It couldn’t get any more factual as all of these posts are nothing more than Zofia’s personal experiences from her travels.

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About Hotel Camea

Hotel Ca’mea based in Kraków, Poland, is budget resort accommodation right next to the beautiful Lake Maggiore, 2 km from the center of Stresa. The hotel promises its guests a warm, comfortable and homely ambience. The restaurant serves traditional Polish cuisine as well as delicious dishes made from local farm products and fresh catches from the lakes and seas. Varied buffets are available for breakfast, lunch and dinner.



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