Insurance Navy Ads Air on Chicago’s 101.9 The Mix

Insurance Navy Ads Air on Chicago's 101.9 The Mix

Illinois’ fastest growing insurance agency, Insurance Navy, hits Chicago’s WTMX 101.9 FM “The Mix” with their commercial series.

Those who work and live in the Chicagoland area have most likely seen their billboards on the way to and from work. Now, Illinois’ fastest growing insurance agency, Insurance Navy, is going live with Chicago’s WTMX 101.9 FM “The Mix” with its commercial.

“What was great about the billboards is that the average passerby can look at them and say, ‘I could use that.’ Then you can stop at any of our locations and get cheap car insurance the same day,” says Fadi Sneineh, CEO of Insurance Navy. “The Mix” has such a large audience that someone has to drive without insurance or their policy is about to expire. We want them to know we’re here to help.”

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The three radio spots created by Insurance Navy can now be heard directly from the top of the Willis Tower. The 15-second ads serve a purpose rather than advertising; They are also spreading awareness of the new electronic insurance review and traffic violation system now used regularly by the Illinois Secretary of State and how uninsured driving can result in a license suspension.

Illinois began using a mandatory automated auto insurance verification system on July 1. This is a database known as ILIVS, which acts as a registry for every insured and registered vehicle in the state. Drivers can sit back while their auto insurance provider completes the check with the Secretary of State. If it is determined that someone does not have basic insurance coverage, they are given time to find a policy. Failure to obtain insurance may result in license suspension and a $100 reinstatement fee.

“Compliance with the law shouldn’t be expensive, is our latest statement here at Insurance Navy. Also, not everyone is ready for change, even if it is small. Our latest effort over the past month has not only helped new drivers find basic service, but transitioned all drivers into this automated age,” said Sneineh.

Sneineh mentioned that Insurance Navy is interested in expanding its radio presence with more spots in the future. They’ve already started reaching out to other radio stations in Chicagoland.

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insurance marine is a provider of non-standard auto insurance and sells products in over 30 stores, a call center and online ( in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Texas and California. In addition to auto insurance, the company sells other financial products and services, including home insurance, renters insurance and roadside assistance.


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