Leading provider of solar energy solutions educates homeowners on the financial benefits of solar energy

Leading provider of solar energy solutions educates homeowners on the financial benefits of solar energy

SOLERGY offers the highest quality solar panel installations in McAllen TX

SOLERGY, a leading solar energy company that educates homeowners about the financial benefits of solar energy. The company strives to supply McAllen, TX with the highest quality solar panel installations. The A+ rated BBB solar company offers expert advice and excellent customer service to help homeowners save on utility bills. The company takes care of everything from the initial consultation to planning and installation to maintaining the system. Not every roof is ideal for solar panels. Luckily, if you have the right space, there are many other system designs that Solergy can implement. Solar pergolas and solar carports are a great solution for homes that don’t have ideal roofs or for homeowners concerned about curb appeal.


Installing solar panels on your home is a smart long term investment with significant savings. Solar ownership allows homeowners to get the most out of their solar panels. Solergy offers loan products that enable ownership through fixed monthly payments. Installing solar panels in McAllen, TX can help you save on energy bills and help the environment, it can also add value to your home. Would you like to learn how much you can save by switching to solar energy? The first step begins with an initial consultation with the Solar Company TX to estimate how much homeowners can save by installing solar panels.

The next step is to gather your home’s annual kilowatt usage and design a custom solar panel system that best meets your home’s energy needs. Solergy also handles permits, grid connection applications, and HOA requirements necessary for installation.

Once the permits and all applications are approved, the solar installation process begins. Turnaround time for a typical system is typically one month, from contract signing to PTO. The final step is complete when the local jurisdiction passes the inspection and the utility issues the permit to operate (PTO).

Households can spend more than 20 percent of their total income on their electricity needs. A utility bill that varies from month to month can make it difficult to stay on budget. This leading solar company in TX offers affordable solar financing options, homeowners are qualified in minutes with no money out of pocket. There are also solar incentives and solar rebates to reduce the cost of switching to solar. By converting to solar energy, homeowners can control their energy bills and energy use by generating clean renewable electricity for over 25 years.

With solar technology evolving rapidly, Solergy offers the latest technology on the market today. Grid tie systems are the most common installation in the country and are a great option for homeowners whose primary goal is to save money. If your priority is to run your property on backup solar power during a power outage, Solergy’s solar hybrid system is a great solution. Our solar hybrid system has both grid-connected and off-grid capabilities, so you can keep running on solar power even if the grid goes out.

To learn more about solar panels in Texas, visit https://solergytexas.com/going-solar/

About Solergy

Solergy is a highly respected, family-owned solar company in South Texas that has been serving the Rio Grande Valley since 2015. Specializing in custom solar systems for residential and commercial properties. Trust, honesty and exceptional customer service are the three main reasons for their continued success and future longevity.


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