Max & Me Sport, designer activewear store announces clearance sale of designer leggings

Max & Me Sport, designer activewear store announces clearance sale of designer leggings

Featured Brands: Wear it to Heart (MIT), Glyder, DYI, Niyama Sol, NUX, 925Fit, Onzie and more

Max & Me Sport, the designer athletic apparel store, has announced a huge sale where customers can save up to 50% on new discount designer leggings and clearance items. For several years, luxury brands like Lululemon and Athleta have monopolized the athleisure market. While Athleta is known for its premium fabrics and designs, Lululemon is known for ultimate comfort, using patented fabrics exclusively for yoga and hot studio classes. Many fitness enthusiasts prefer Lululemon’s high-quality athletic apparel – particularly their yoga-inspired leggings, which are super comfortable and flattering, and ensure the person stays active and energized throughout their workout.

Max & Me Sport – designer leggings

It goes without saying that luxury brands are expensive. While many invest in these pricier brands, there are others who feel their sportswear doesn’t need to be over the top. What if these fitness lovers could get something from both worlds? Max & Me Sport is now home to a variety of designer leggings brands that will definitely motivate people to refresh their workout closets. Pam, the owner, rightly says that these brands are stylish and functional. From yoga enthusiasts to gym-goers, joggers to runners, these brands will surely meet the fashion needs of a workout fanatic.

Max & Me Sport is proud of its collection that meets many criteria. Not only are they stylish, versatile and comfortable, they are also perfect alternatives to the luxury brands mentioned above. There’s no need to spend more than $100 on a single pair of Lululemon leggings when a similar style promises the same comfort and quality at a fraction of the price. The featured brands on this page are Wear it to Heart (WITH), Glyder, DYI, Niyama Sol, NUX, 925Fit and Onzie. Known for their trend-forward designs, these brands are made from the finest materials supported by advanced technology to keep the body cool, dry and comfortable during long hours of physical activity.

This designer leggings are on sale and customers can save up to 50% on discounts and 70% on clearance items. New customers also receive a 15% discount on their first purchase. This Luxury leggings aren’t just stylish pants, they’re the ones that exude confidence to look better, feel better, and function better. Women can now slay that workout look with these sleek, slim and sophisticated luxury leggings brands at Max & Me Sport. Customers are spoiled for choice as they struggle to choose between bold colors and playful prints. Starting at $39.99 and up, these leggings are quickly hitting the shelves.

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Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Max & Me Sport was founded by Pam Smith in 2012 to offer casual, comfortable and classic clothing. The store now offers athletic wear, casual wear, grip socks, headbands, no show pants, pouches and much more for today’s modern, independent and busy women.



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