New affiliate marketer lands big hit with ODYS Global

New affiliate marketer lands big hit with ODYS Global

Ben Mayz is selling a six figure affiliate website built using a legacy domain from ODYS

24th June 2021 – ODYS Global is the premium marketplace for aged domains with brandable domains obsolete domains with traffic featured on some of the web’s most authoritative sites. Just like aged wine, the value of aged domains increases with each passing year. Increasing search engine visibility could require a huge investment in terms of money, time and effort. And when an SEO agency says otherwise, they are not entirely transparent. However, SEO experts from all over the world know that the ranking process can be accelerated with aged domains. These SEO domains have some very notable advantages: the first is the age itself, their pre-established authority, and most importantly, the credentials on some of the most authoritative websites on the web. And these benefits are also the main reasons for increased search visibility from the start.

SEO with new domains can be a fresh start, but it could be a long way from where the website is right now and where it wants to be in the coming months. It can take several months and sometimes years to rank the website with target keywords and build quality links. It also takes just as long to gain the trust and authority of visitors. Unfortunately, the current market is flooded with average SEO domains. Some domain sellers also unknowingly sell spam traffic domains that have little or no investment value.

ODYS Global is a platform that offers brandable aged domains save the companies with years of building permission. The company also offers a comprehensive authority analysis before buying a domain. The ODYS appraisal also allows buyers to estimate the domain value and the resources they save in the process. From ecommerce business owners to affiliate marketers, everyone can take advantage of the legacy domains to gain a competitive edge, create an aggressive online presence, and generate a steady stream of income. The team does all the research before handing over the domain to their clients. The comprehensive breakdown by age and value of each domain saves their customers a lot of time and money.

ODYS Global – Ben Mayz

ODYS Global takes this opportunity to share a case study on Ben Mays and how an old domain changed his life. ODYS describes Ben as a talented individual driven by immense enthusiasm and passion for his business. Like any other entrepreneur, Ben started a brand new website only to find it was taking too long to get the results he wanted. That’s when he discovered ODYS and decided to give it a try by investing in a brandable aged domain. To his surprise, the website was just launching and the brandable legacy domain stayed true to its name. It took Ben just 18 months to create his website and sell it on Empire Flippers for six figures.

It all started with a tragic accident after college that left Ben immobile for over a year, and despite support from his family and other resources, Ben was broke. He was desperate to get out of the financial crisis and had to do something. During this time he was looking for old domain names for his website idea.

With ODYS Global and the legacy domain he bought, Ben realized that getting results took only 25% of the time and effort compared to a brand new domain.

Ben soon expanded his business with 19 employees working under him, and on his birthday he sold his website for a whopping $103,000. Ben enthuses: “I went from being a literal hell hole of a place where my cargo gets broken into to living in a badass downtown loft.”

Ben recently bought two more traffic domains from ODYS and is already experiencing the growth spurt. One of the SEO domains started growing before even putting in the effort. What started out as a boxing website slowly transformed into a fitness website offering products that brought in more profit.

This is just one of the many success stories of companies that have bought aged premium domains by Odys. Like Ben, many customers consider ODYS to be the most trusted and best provider. “I’m a long-time customer of ODYS Global, Alex and his team are fantastic. You will find the best aged domains on the market. If you’re looking for outdated domains that are almost impossible to get hold of, you’ve come to the right place,” says Tony, another happy buyer.

Online business owners can now find premium domains in multiple niches including health, tech, entertainment, arts, sports, education, science, outdoor/recreation and more.

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ODYS Global offers premium aged domains for online businesses. Clients can invest in outdated websites that are increasing in value and are great for SEO. There are thousands of legacy domains for different industries, budgets, and business-specific needs.



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