Prepared Patriot announces new services and training programs

3 part advanced syllabus and courses for all skill levels

Prepared Patriot announces new services and training programs including civilian medical education, trauma training and concealed carry courses. A firearm isn’t just about aiming at a target and pulling the trigger. Rather, it is about personal responsibility not only for oneself but also for others. Laws are always changing and the debates about firearm safety are endless. At this point, many people turn to concealed carry courses as a way to train themselves to protect you and your family. These courses are designed to teach individuals about gun safety, government rules and regulations, and the personal responsibilities of an individual who has chosen to carry a gun. Ready Patriot is one such place committed to making it a safer workout experience.

This course will provide you with quality training along with professional firearm safety information that will keep you up to date on the current laws. There are individuals who want to improve their skills and knowledge. They definitely made the right decision as their lives and freedom are at stake. The first step in the concealed carry courses is to learn about the mechanics of firearms, the different terms used, basics of cleaning and maintenance, understanding the legislation and restrictions, security and home defense, methods in confrontational situations, practicing the techniques to to learn how to use firearms etc.

Prepared Patriot’s Comprehensive Carry combines a concealed carry course with other advanced methods in which students learn about concealment, holstering options, drawing the gun, shooting and holstering with ease and confidence. Participants can benefit from multiple repetitions and ingrained motor patterns. The trainers who offer the training are qualified and have a thorough command of their modules. Gun safety is always a top priority for these instructors. They give honest feedback and evaluation. At the same time, they ensure that the trainees have a good understanding of the concepts they have learned.

“My boyfriend and I took this course and we highly recommend it. Matt and the other instructors are highly qualified, knowledgeable and competent. You can say they are invested in their students, firearm safety and preparedness. We will take more courses with this team. The investment is priceless and the experience gained is immeasurable! Take this class. You will leave with confidence and the experience to be prepared for anything that comes your way!” says Tora Kincaid. Whether it’s a refresher course or training from the ground up, anyone who wishes to take a concealed carry course is welcome. The Prepared Patriot team goes above and beyond to prepare people to use firearms safely. Carrying a firearm is more than just self-defense. It’s about freedom and understanding the responsibility to protect yourself and others.

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About the Prepared Patriot

Prepared Patriot is a training institute that offers concealed carry courses for shooters of various skill levels. They also offer advanced courses to sharpen the skills for those who want to continue their education.



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