problems for our aging population

problems for our aging population

Lucas Advisors has announced the expansion of its senior care advisory, planning and advisory services in the Charleston area.

Leading senior advisory agency, Lucas Advisors, has announced plans to expand its services to the Charleston area. The company has said expansion means it can help a larger number of people. As a result, Lucas Advisors has announced the expansion of its elderly care advisory, planning and advisory services to the Charleston area.

Charleston, SC – Lucas Advisors is one of Charleston’s premier aging consultants for seniors. The company announced that they would be there expand services for people in the Charleston area.

Senior care facilities are usually happy to cater to a specific area. Still, Lucas Advisors is expanding, especially as the company sees more and more people benefiting from the service.

Luke’s advisor

Although the company has been helping families of old people and the elderly alike from all over the city, the service was officially limited to a specific region.

America’s increasingly aging population is viewed by many as a problem. Many younger people struggle to care for their parents, many of whom are not necessarily eligible for a nursing home but need care and supervision at home.

Lucas Advisors helps families find the best solution for elderly family members. The solutions are tailored to the needs of each individual.

With young people overwhelmed with looking after their parents or other family members, advisors like Lucas Advisors are in high demand.

It is estimated that the number of people seeking help and support for older people has more than doubled in the last twenty years.

Companies like Lucas Advisors ensure that older people get the care they need without compromising the development of younger people. Readers can learn more about Lucas Advisors by visiting the company’s official website at

Lucas Advisors is one of South Carolina's premier senior citizen advisory firms.
Lucas Advisors is one of South Carolina’s premier senior citizen advisory firms.

“Many young people have strong feelings about how their parents live, for example. Elderly people, ie their parents, are often unwilling to leave their homes and move to nursing homes.

The fact is that many older people, despite their health condition, can go on with their normal lives, but with some level of supervision and support.

At Lucas Advisors, we help people decide how and where they live. Some people may need to make some adjustments, especially when they bring a stranger in to look after elderly people when they are at work.” Said a Lucas Advisors representative.

she added “We provide timely planning and coordination services. We also manage the Services to help people calm down and allow them to focus on other things. Our team also helps elderly people who live alone and may need assistance.

Every case is different, which is why we strongly recommend meeting with us to discuss your situation. Once we know your circumstances, it becomes much easier for us to find a solution that works for everyone, including your parents and the younger people in your household.”

About Lucas Advisors

Luke’s advisor is one of South Carolina’s premier senior care consultancies. The company is managed by expert Luke Daniels, a Senior Nursing Advisor with years of experience. Lucas Advisors was founded to help people deal with the often complex and delicate planning process for their senior years. The team works hard to mentor and prepare people for independent living, and often it is a comfortable life with the least disruption. The company has been helping people since 2004 and, with Luke at the helm, has grown into one of the leading senior support companies in the community.



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