Scherrer Construction client and project manager wins prestigious award

Scherrer Construction client and project manager wins prestigious award

Steven Richard among winners of The Daily Reporter’s Rising Professional Award

Steven Richard, Scherrer Construction’s client and project manager, has been recognized by The Daily Reporter with the Rising Professional Awards.

The award list recognizes the contributions of men and women in the construction industry. Steven Richard, who joined Scherrer Construction in 2012, has been at the forefront of many projects and is known for his excellent management skills. It was his dedication to the company and dedication to providing outstanding service that drove him to take the company to the top and become Senior Project Manager and Partner in 2018.

A natural and well-liked leader of the project management team, Steven also has hands-on duties with various responsibilities. From managing the construction of his own projects, to budgeting, coordinating with owners, architects, subcontractors, planning commissions and managing contracts; his hands-on approach has made him the ideal man in the organization. A brilliant team player, he is always there to guide other members of the organization.

Steven Richard – Scherrer construction

The award is also a recognition of his impeccable client dealing skills, which are a crucial aspect of success in the construction industry. Known to be extremely patient and kind, he is well-liked by customers and team members. His distinguished career includes projects such as Williams Bay Elementary School ($19.9M), Fox River Middle School ($24.9M) and currently a new 80,000 SF manufacturing facility ($50M) in Racine County .

It’s interesting to note that this isn’t the first time the Renowned Wisconsin general contractor Company has won a prestigious award from The Daily Reporter. It had previously won the Newsmaker of the Year award, along with many other notable recognitions for its outstanding service. It has consistently raised the bar for construction companies in the country by offering a wide range of quality services.

Of course, what also sets this Wisconsin general contractor apart is his constant drive to take care of his employees, on whom he relies. With her safety and well-being in mind, she launched a massive safety improvement initiative earlier this year. The initiative is based on the belief that the best safety outcomes are only possible when the company and its employees engage in constructive and ongoing dialogue.

So the company, which adheres to OSHA guidelines, took action with the initiative, which encouraged its management team to take safety training courses. These well-trained managers then pass on what they have learned to other employees in the company. In addition, employees receive safety materials to review each week. Through initiatives like this Scherrer Construction Co. has proven to be a model employer in the industry.

The motto of the company seems to be to serve customers exactly according to their needs and at the same time to take care of employee development. And his exceptional track record, as well as recognition for employees like Steven Richard, are a testament to that commitment.

About Scherrer Bau

Scherrer Construction Co. is a general contractor and Bauleiter, which has been family-owned and operated since 1928. The company is committed to building long-term relationships and custom building solutions for clients based on performance, value and integrity.

Scherrer Construction Specializes in large-scale construction projects such as industrial, health and educational buildings, municipal and company buildings

James E. Scherrer is the third generation President and CEO of Scherrer Construction.


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