Shoe cleaning launches new website on shoe hygiene

Shoe cleaning launches new website on shoe hygiene

With the best shoe cleaning sponge, the best sneaker cleaners, anti-crease champions for shoe care and more

Shoe Cleaning is pleased to announce the launch of a new website with articles, buying guides and tips on choosing the best shoe care and shoe hygiene products. The site currently contains categories: Shoe Deodorizer, Shoe Dryer Review, Shoe Cleaner, Shoe & Foot Tips, and Best Shoe Deodorizer for 2021. One of the most popular articles about the The best shoe shine sponges guides readers through the best shine sponges from brands like Kiwi, Griffin, Penguin, etc. There is a video that also shows how to use the sponge to shine shoes.

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Cleaning dirty sneakers can be quite a task, especially for those who play field and outdoor sports. That Angelus Easy Cleaner Kit deserves a special mention here. The cleaner is perfect for leather, suede, nubuck, nylon, stain, plastic, canvas, vinyl, Gortex and rubber surfaces. It can also be used for carpet cleaning. The demo video shows how to use the kit for shiny and spotless shoes. The Angelus Easy Cleaner Kit also comes with a high quality microfiber cloth to help remove dirt and scum.

If you love your sneakers, you should read this article about the top 10 The best sneaker cleaners worth a try. At the top of the list is the Reshoevn8r shoe and sneaker cleaning kit laundry system. The set contains a soft all-purpose brush, a stiff brush, a microfibre cloth, two laundry bags and two shoe trees. What sets this brand apart is that the cleanser works great and leaves impressive results. The other brands following suit are KlenBlu, TriNova, QuikcCare, Clean Kicks, Jameson Ward and Jason Markk. Shine shoes isn’t always easy, but with the right products, it’s effortless. Customers can learn more about the best sneaker cleaners on this page.

There are certain shoes that are designed to flex the feet according to the activity. These types of shoes are usually expensive, which means they need extra care and protection from extra wrinkles. That Anti-crease champions for shoe care are designed to prevent wrinkles on the sneakers, keep them looking fresh and stylish for longer. The Sneaker Shields toe box reducer is available in small, medium and large sizes. The other brands featured here are Sof Sole Forcefields, Gooudo, Bibigood etc. The post on Shoe Care Anti-crease Champions also has a detailed review of Forcefield vs Sneaker Shields.

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Shoe Cleaning was started by Joe, who developed his own shoe deodorizer using an all-natural antimicrobial and antifungal blend of essential oils. After using them himself, Joe was amazed by the results and decided to share the product. Later, Joe decided to enter the winter sports market by introducing his patented odor control and moisture wicking technology to protective glove manufacturers. Joe’s Shoe and Glove Defenders have gained immense popularity and are now sold nationwide.



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