SUP Board Gear is expanding inventory and updating the website with the latest product reviews

SUP Board Gear is expanding inventory and updating the website with the latest product reviews

Select paddleboard brands Feath-R-Lite, Maxkare, Murtisol, Soopotay, Aqua Plus, Rumlad and many more

The SUP Board Gear are pleased to announce that they have expanded their inventory and updated the website with the latest product reviews. SUP or Standup Paddleboard Game is one of the most popular water sport activities worldwide. Playing this game has several advantages. Apart from numerous health benefits, this game is an amazing stress killer, it relaxes the body and most of all it is super exciting. This page aims to help paddleboard enthusiasts find the best SUP boards season after season.

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According to the reviewers here, the Feder-R-Lite SUP Paddle Board is an amazing choice for people who love to indulge in this sport at almost any time of the year. Consisting of 2 layers of PVC film, this is a lightweight board with a simple design and basic features such as flexible luggage tie-down rope and D-ring for coil line. The Feath-R-Lite SUP Paddleboard comes with a pump, an adjustable paddle, a travel backpack, a waterproof phone case and a portable handle cover. That MaxKare inflatable paddle board SUP is a great surfing companion. This brand focuses on providing users with a safe, healthy and enjoyable experience.

The MaxKare Inflatable Paddle Board is lightweight, portable, easy to inflate, super easy to deflate and roll up, easy to carry and store. It’s rated for up to 370 pounds. The thickened PVC board and three layers of bottom fins make this SUP board an outstanding SUP board. That Murtisol SUP inflatable paddle board is called an all-round paddleboard by the reviewers here at SUP Board Gear. Cruising on this board is very easy as it is built to carry a weight between 12kg and 130kg. The 11 foot long and 32 inch wide board is ideal for touring. And since the Murtisol SUP Inflatable Paddle Board is 6 inches thick, users don’t have to worry about their feet getting submerged in water.

That SOOPOTAY Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board has been in the industry for more than a decade and a half. And its commitment to providing world-class products remains unchanged. This inflatable SUP is another fine example, built for rugged use, easy maneuverability and super stability, aided by MSL construction technology. For those looking for a durable board, reviewers recommend the SOOPOTAY inflatable SUP standup paddle board. That Paddle Board Aqua Plus is a budget SUP board for beginners. This board is a complete package, so buyers don’t have to worry about investing in additional accessories. The Rumlad Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard is again the choice for beginners in SUP boards. What sets this apart is the detachable fin construction and its amazing ability to balance.

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The SUP Board Gear is an exclusive resource center dedicated to helping customers find the best paddleboards. The team of experts inspects at least 20 SUPs every year and offers an in-depth review of each of them. From the best inflatable SUP boards to inflatable paddle boards, the site guides visitors through in-depth reviews, videos, paddling tips and more from the world of paddleboards. The site also offers other SUP gear, gear and accessories such as FCS fins, life jackets, SUP tables, paddle covers, paddleboard bags, leashes, board straps and more.



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