Virberu Sports publishes a series of free videos showing proper throwing technique with FAST balls

Virberu Sports publishes a series of free videos showing proper throwing technique with FAST balls

FAST – Balls must be used correctly to improve throwing speed, control and accuracy. The company’s new series of free videos demonstrates how to use the brand’s patented balls during training

The newly released video series shows how pitchers can use 2-seam and 4-seam fast balls during regular pitching drills. Virberu Sports said that the exercises, like all others, require constant repetition using FAST balls. Almost every pitcher can improve their 2-seam and 4-seam pitch regardless of their current skill level.

Virberu Sports

That videos Detail of the correct placement, positioning and pitch of the thumb. While players working with a coach may not need the videos, those working alone or wanting to practice at home will find the videos useful. More importantly, FAST-Balls allow players to develop pitching skills while breaking many old, often bad, habits. The result is better, faster, and more controlled pitching over time.

FAST – Balls use a patented design that makes them very useful for training pitchers and positional players. The balls help positional players become more consistent with routine throws to players and bases. It also helps train players to make more challenging throws, like an infielder throwing to first base. The balls help players develop accuracy and add more power to the throw when needed.

Virberu Sports FAST balls
Virberu Sports FAST balls

Readers can watch Virberu Sports’ latest series of pitching training videos by visiting the company’s official website at

Speaking about the latest round of pitching training videos, a Virberu Sports representative said: “We got a lot of questions from people who wanted to train at home, practice their throwing and throwing. Many people who contact us don’t even play professionally, but are enthusiasts who want to improve their game. So we decided to release a series of videos.”

“…of course, if you play professionally or have a coach, these videos won’t teach you anything new. However, they are free to watch.”

About Virberu Sports

Virberu Sports is a company that was founded with the idea of ​​developing training aids for baseball players. After identifying a fundamental problem with traditional baseball practice, the company introduced its first set of FAST-Balls and Vision Pearls, designed to improve tracking and enhance visual skills. The company’s patented designs and high-quality training aids are used by everyone from professional players to enthusiasts.



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