Waseda Farms will be the only butcher shop in Wisconsin with its own certified organic farm

Waseda Farms will be the only butcher shop in Wisconsin with its own certified organic farm

Waseda Farms is the only butcher shop in Wisconsin with its own farm that supplies certified organic meat. Farmers Market De Pere offers curbside pickup and online ordering.

Waseda Farms now operates the only butcher shop selling certified organic meat using their own farms. The De Pere Market funnel now allows shoppers to place orders for organic meat and related products online as well as curbside pickup. The company said the approach will help it reach more customers. Waseda Farms is one of the few certified organic farms, providing excellent quality meat that is closely monitored to ensure humane animal treatment and slaughter practices.

Waseda Farms & Country Market

In the last decade there has been a growing demand for organic meat. Many people today choose to buy meat from a butcher shop that sells certified organic meat. Also referred to as a whole-food butcher, organic meat usually tastes better, is much more nutritious and the animals are treated in an appropriate manner. companies like Waseda Farms invest a lot of money to ensure that the animals on the farms are fed high-quality forage and have enough time to graze, in contrast to conventional farming.

Waseda Farms & Country Market
Waseda Farms & Country Market

Grass-fed beef, organic pork and organic chicken are products whose demand has grown exponentially in recent years. Even though they cost more than their regular counterparts, people who buy these products firmly believe that the extra money is worth the improved nutritional value, better taste, and support of a humane industry.

Readers can learn more about Waseda Farm’s certified organic beef by visiting the company’s official website https://wasedafarms.com/organic_food_store.html

Waseda Farm is one of the few organic farms in the country that has invested heavily in organic food. Organic butchery Wisconsin is known for producing some of the most affordable and highest quality meats available in the state.

When asked how Waseda Farms ensures quality, a company spokesman was quoted as saying: “We generally take the quality of our organic food very seriously. However, when raising the animals we make sure that each individual is well cared for, well fed, gets more than enough exercise and has a happy life on the farm. I believe that’s the secret behind our great-tasting grass-fed beef. In addition, the meat produced is made so humanely that recognized methods are used.”

He added, “We are advocates of using organic farming for everything from growing crops to raising animals. To further improve organic farming techniques and help more people become organic farmers, we regularly sponsor scholarships for students wishing to pursue an organic farming degree. We expect organic meat and organic farming to grow exponentially over the next few years, largely due to increased awareness of its many benefits not only for the environment but also for the local community.”

Waseda Farms
Waseda Farms

Waseda Farms ships to the continental US when orders are placed online. However, people visit Waseda Farms from Green Bay, Fond Du Lac, Milwaukee, Appleton, etc. The company prides itself on quality and excellent customer service.

About Waseda Farms

USDA certified organic farm that is locally owned and family run by the Lutsey family.

Located in Baileys Harbor on the quiet side of Door County, the farm covers 500 acres and has over 1000 acres of working farmland. Production of grass-fed organic beef, organic pork, chicken and turkey.

You can buy grass-fed beef online 24/7 https://shopwasedafarms.com or you can shop locally in Wisconsin at the farm’s two organic butcher shops.

Waseda Farms Market (organic meat market) in Pere WI.

330 Reid Street, De Pere, WI 54115

Phone: 920-632-7271

Open Mon-Fri 8am to 2pm

Visit the farm

The farm paths are open to the public all year round, you can walk around the farm and visit the farm shop, where all visitors are welcome.


Waseda Farms & Country Market

7281 Logerquist Rd

Baileys Harbor, WI 54202

Daily 10 a.m. to 5 p.m

Phone: 920-839-2222

Waseda Farms

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